How To Take Care For Your Feet

Anyone who has been spending all day work such as nurses needed the best shoes for nurses and had a foot massage can attest to its appeal. It relaxes not just the foot but the entire body. In foot reflexology, the feet take on even more profound meaning. Reflexologists believe that all of the body’s organs are reflected in... more →
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What Do Women Golfers Need?

Women are taking up golf in greater numbers than ever before. Between 2000 and 2001 alone, the number of female golfers rose from 5 million to more than 6 million, according to the National Golf Foundation. The number of male golfers increased from 18.9 million to 19.7 million. So while men still outnumber women by more than three... more →
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Hillbilly Putters And Exploding Golf Balls

It’s time, in plenty of time before the holidays, to discuss with you the time-honored tradition of buying golf gifts for your golfer. Every Holiday, Birthday, Father’s Day or whatever Day, the golfer gets an array of golf gifts that the giver is so excited to give while the golfer then has to put on their best “Thank... more →
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Africas Deadliest Snakes: To Be Wary Of The Two Most Dangerous Species

Continuing our look at dangerous African snakes from the last issue, here we’ll examine the two sub-Saharan species that are considered the deadliest, and also discuss ways to reduce significantly the risk of getting bitten by any venomous snake. Invariably described as “the most dreaded snake in Africa,” the black... more →
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Once Animal Bites: The Ensuing Infection That Carries The Biggest Danger

Once, while tagging along on a wolf study, I watched as a biologist approached a large male gray wolf that was caught in a leg snare. The wolf backed up to a tree, leering, and growling, displaying an impressive set of canines. “Look at this,” the biologist said, pushing a three-foot length of birch log toward the wolf’s... more →
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Are You Prepared For An Unexpected Night Out In The Wilderness?

Twice while hunting I’ve had to end an unexpected night out in e cold, both times the result of myopic enthusiasm over an elk trail. In the first case, I was wholly unprepared and left hunkering in a spruce hollow as the wind blew overhead and frigid night lingered eternally. The emergence of dawn seemed as slow and chill as... more →
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Wet-weather Hunting: Don’t Let A Little Rain Put Your Hunt On Hold

I suppose some hunters like being out in a soaking rain, but I don’t seem to know any of them. Like it or not, however, rain happens, sometimes in the middle of a long-anticipated hunt. You’re out there, raring to go, excited. Then the storm comes, often mixed in with gusty winds and a drop in temperature. The resulting... more →
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The Best Work Boots For Women At Work

An increasing number of women in the industrial and construction industries and new strict job safety standards from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have boosted sales of women work boots. Women currently account for 10% of all construction and 32% of all manufacturing jobs, occupations where regulations are especially... more →
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Finding Water: The Most Crucial Survival Skills

Survival manuals are loaded with advice on how to procure drinkable water in the wilds, though I’ve noticed over the years that many of the suggestions work better on paper than they do in the real world. Frequently I’ve looked around outdoors and wondered: How would I find potable water in this place if my life depended... more →
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