The Best Work Boots For Women At Work

An increasing number of women in the industrial and construction industries and new strict job safety standards from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have boosted sales of women work boots. Women currently account for 10% of all construction and 32% of all manufacturing jobs, occupations where regulations are especially... more →
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Finding Water: The Most Crucial Survival Skills

Survival manuals are loaded with advice on how to procure drinkable water in the wilds, though I’ve noticed over the years that many of the suggestions work better on paper than they do in the real world. Frequently I’ve looked around outdoors and wondered: How would I find potable water in this place if my life depended... more →
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What Every Traveling Hunter Should Know About Health Risks In Foreign Countries

Areader writes: “In three months I’m heading off for a safari in Botswana. What do I need to know about disease prevention, getting the necessary vaccinations, and similar health-related issues?” It’s a large question, but an important one we all need to ask when planning a hunt in so-called “developing”... more →
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Snakes Alive: An Inescapable Part Of The Outdoor Experience

Some people, possibly suffering from mutant genetic coding, actually claim to love snakes, even the most deadly ones. The sight of a slithering limbless body makes their eyes widen in delight. Where a normal human would jump back in fear and repulsion, the snake lover wants to move closer for a more savory examination. Personally,... more →
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What Are Possible Food Sources For An Extended Period In The Wildness

To set the scene, let’s assume that for one reason or another you are stranded in the wild and rescue is uncertain. Although you have managed to survive (having taken care of the most basic physical needs, such as shelter and water), some days have passed, sans dinner. Your stomach is making sounds reminiscent of nighttime... more →
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How To Handle Small Emergencies That Can Potentially Ruin Your Hunt

Once on a desert antelope hunt, I managed to land my left forearm on a low-lying cactus gnarl. This stupid move riddled my arm with stinging needles, most of them too small to be gripped and removed with fingernails. Back at camp that evening, I was able to pluck out the larger spines with a pair of tweezers. More maddening were... more →
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Some Advice On Safely Riding Out Electrical Storms And Windstorms

Although the three Wyoming hunters saw the storm cell thickening over the mountains a few miles away, they believed they weren’t yet in any danger. After all, one said later, the sun was still shining overhead! Only when they heard distant thunder did they decide to err on the safe side and head for less open ground. Moments... more →
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How To Control Your Own Fear

Although some fear is normal in a threatening situation or emergency, severe fright can easily get out of control. This is partly because the human fear response is physiological as well as mental. Once stimulated, fear can up well, magnify, and eventually steal command away from the rational faculties. Although there is no one-button,... more →
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